Android Error:(1, 0) Gradle version 2.2 is required. Current version is 3.4.1.

我们在使用Android Studio的时候新建项目没什么问题的,但是当我们下载一份Github上的项目导入进去的时候却没法正常使用,其原因主要是gradle配置问题。而由于gradle这个玩意儿版本更新太快,android Studio每个版本也不一样。比如2.3版本使用gra

[Node] Run Any Version of a Node Tool with npx

As node projects evolve, new features are added all the time. This results in different errors or results as you're migrating from one version to anot

python version 2.7 required,which was not found in

python version 2.7 required,which was not found in 出现上面这种情况的原因我推测有两种:       

python version 2.7 required,which was not found in the registry

## script to register Python 2.0 or later for use with win32all# and other extensions that require Python registry settings## written by Joakim Loew f

android studio 一次编译错误:Error:Minimum supported Gradle version is 2.14.1.

因为需要,今天从git上重新下载工程到另一个目录下,结果运行的时候报了这个错:Error:Minimum supported Gradle version is 2.14.1.  Current version is 2.10. If using the gradle wrapper, t

Microsoft SQL Server Version List [sqlserver 7.0-------sql server 2016] What version of SQL Server do I have?This unofficial build chart lists all of the known Service Packs (SP), C

versionCode & versionName

【versionCode & versionName】Android的版本可以在androidmainfest.xml中定义,主要有android:versionCode和android:versionNameandroid:versionCode:主要是用于版本升级所用,是INT类型的,第

未能加载文件或程序集“System.Web.Http, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35”或它的某一个依赖项。找到的程序集清单定义与程序集引用不匹配。 (异常来自 HRESULT:0x80131040)解决办法

1.查看引用处是否确实引用,2.查看<runtime> <assemblyBinding xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v1">  <dependentAssembly>中有无该DLL的映射,但是此时

Updating and Publishing a NuGet Package - Plus making NuGet packages smarter and avoiding source edits with WebActivator

I wrote a post a few days ago called "Creating a NuGet Package in 7 easy steps - Plus using NuGet to integrate ASP.NET MVC 3 into existing Web Forms a

Your project is not referencing the ".NETPortable,Version=v4.5,Profile=Profile259" framework. Add a reference to ".NETPortable,Version=v4.5,Profile=Profile259" in the "frameworks" section of your proj

i want to add nuget packages to my portable class library project ,then i add a project.json to my portable class library project ,but vs 2017 bu