poj 1744 tree 树分治

TreeTime Limit: 1000MS Memory Limit: 30000K   DescriptionGive a tree with n vertices,each edge has a length(positive int

[POJ1143]Number Game

[POJ1143]Number Game试题描述Christine and Matt are playing an exciting game they just invented: the Number Game. The rules of this game are as follows.&nb

[POJ2411]Mondriaan's Dream

[POJ2411]Mondriaan's Dream试题描述Squares and rectangles fascinated the famous Dutch painter Piet Mondriaan. One night, after producing the drawings in hi

[POJ3155]Hard Life

[POJ3155]Hard Life试题描述John is a Chief Executive Officer at a privately owned medium size company. The owner of the company has decided to make his son

[SPOJ10707]Count on a tree II

[SPOJ10707]Count on a tree II试题描述You are given a tree with N nodes. The tree nodes are numbered from 1 to N. Each node has an

SPOJ QTREE Query on a tree 树链剖分+线段树

题目链接:http://www.spoj.com/problems/QTREE/en/QTREE - Query on a tree#tree You are given a tree (an acyclic undirected connected graph) with N&

SPOJ1007 VLATTICE - Visible Lattice Points

VLATTICE - Visible Lattice Pointsno tags   Consider a N*N*N lattice. One corner is at (0,0,0) and the opposite one is at (N,N,N). How many latti

poj2096 Collecting Bugs[期望dp]

Collecting BugsTime Limit: 10000MS Memory Limit: 64000KTotal Submissions: 5394 Accepted: 2670Case Time Limit: 2000M

poj3744 Scout YYF I[概率dp+矩阵优化]

Scout YYF ITime Limit: 1000MS Memory Limit: 65536KTotal Submissions: 8598 Accepted: 2521DescriptionYYF is a couragous sc

spoj IITWPC4F - Gopu and the Grid Problem 线段树

IITWPC4F - Gopu and the Grid Problemno tags  Gopu is interested in the integer co-ordinates of the X-Y plane (0<=x,y<=100000). Each in