[React Router v4] Render Multiple Components for the Same Route

React Router v4 allows us to render Routes as components wherever we like in our components. This can provide some interesting use cases for creating

[Ramda] Filter an Array Based on Multiple Predicates with Ramda's allPass Function

In this lesson, we'll filter a list of objects based on multiple conditions and we'll use Ramda's allPass function to create a joint predica

redhat5.8 alt+ctrl+f1 黑屏

/********************************************************************** * redhat5.8 alt+ctrl+f1 黑屏 * 说明: * 安装完redhat5.8之后,按alt+

[Angular] Create dynamic content with

To create a dynamic template, we need to a entry component as a placeholder. Then we can use entry component to create a new Tamplete into it. im

[SVG] Combine Multiple SVGs into an SVG Sprite

In this lesson, we’ll explore the process of combining all of your SVG icons into one SVG sprite, to be included directly into markup. We’

[BZOJ1355][Baltic2009]Radio Transmission

[BZOJ1355][Baltic2009]Radio Transmission试题描述给你一个字符串,它是由某个字符串不断自我连接形成的。 但是这个字符串是不确定的,现在只想知道它的最短长度是多少.输入第一行给出字符串的长度,1 < L ≤ 1,000,000. 第二行给出一个字符串,全由小

Consolidate data by using multiple page fields

Consolidate data by using multiple page fieldshttps://support.office.com/en-us/article/Consolidate-multiple-worksheets-into-one-PivotTable-report-3AE2

1355: [Baltic2009]Radio Transmission

1355: [Baltic2009]Radio TransmissionTime Limit: 10 Sec  Memory Limit: 64 MBSubmit: 796  Solved: 538[Submit][St

Linux Ubuntu 14.04 LTS下VirtualBox连接USB

环境:  主机:Ubuntu 14.04 LTS  虚拟机:Windows 7 专业版本  VirtualBox: 图形用户界面版本 5.1.8 r111374 (Qt5.6.1) 1,在主机上给VirtualBox安装拓展包去官网下载「 Oracle VM VirtualBox Exte

[NPM] Use a shorthand syntax for running multiple npm scripts with npm-run-all

Running multiple scripts in series or in parallel can become very verbose. Using a tool such as npm-run-all can help reduce the amount of overhead you