Android Studio Multiple dex files define(重复引用包)

如果你用Android Studio开发,并且要用其他项目作为library,这个问题是很容易出现的。出现这个问题的原因是包的重复引用,意思就是在你自己的项目中引用了某个包,而被你作为library的项目也引用了同一个包,就会有这个问题。那如何解决呢,我所知道的是有两种方法:方法1:按照惯

[ES7] Await multi promises sequentially or concurrently

Somtime 'async await' can have a bad effect on code proferemence. Let's take a look the below example:const fetch = require('node-fetch');const BASE_U

Centos 6.3 Realtek Audio Driver Compile

/**************************************************************************** * Centos 6.3 Realtek Audio Driver Compile * 说明: * 临时在Cent

[Node.js] Take Screenshots of Multiple Dimensions for Responsive Sites using Nightmare

When developing responsive websites, you will constantly be resizing your browser to make sure your site is properly responding to all of the resizes.

[SCSS] Use Standard Built-in SCSS Functions for Common Operations

We can use javascript for color and opacity variations, math, list and map logic or to see if something exists. SCSS includes functions for a wide ran

shell编程——if语句 if -z -n -f -eq -ne -lt

if  条件then Commandelse Commandfi                &n

[React Router v4] Render Multiple Components for the Same Route

React Router v4 allows us to render Routes as components wherever we like in our components. This can provide some interesting use cases for creating

[Ramda] Filter an Array Based on Multiple Predicates with Ramda's allPass Function

In this lesson, we'll filter a list of objects based on multiple conditions and we'll use Ramda's allPass function to create a joint predica

redhat5.8 alt+ctrl+f1 黑屏

/********************************************************************** * redhat5.8 alt+ctrl+f1 黑屏 * 说明: * 安装完redhat5.8之后,按alt+

[Angular] Create dynamic content with

To create a dynamic template, we need to a entry component as a placeholder. Then we can use entry component to create a new Tamplete into it. im