[GraphQL] Deploy a GraphQL dev playground with graphql-up

In this lesson we'll use a simple GraphQL IDL schema to deploy and explore a fully functional GraphQL service in minutes with graphql-up. Install

[GraphQL] Add an Interface to a GraphQL Schema

As we start building out more complex GraphQL schemas, certain fields start to repeat across different types. This is a perfect use-case for the Inter

[GraphQL] Create an Input Object Type for Complex Mutations

When we have certain mutations that require more complex input parameters, we can leverage the Input Object Type in GraphQL. In this video, we’l

[GraphQL] Write a GraphQL Mutation

In order to change the data that we can query for in a GraphQL Schema, we have to define what is called a mutation in GraphQL. Mutations all

[GraphQL] Use GraphQLList with GraphQLObject Types

When working with collections of things in GraphQL, we'll always reach out for the GraphQLListType. In this video, we'll learn how to use GraphQL

[GraphQL] Use GraphQLNonNull for Required Fields

While certain fields in a GraphQL Schema can be optional, there are some fields or arguments that are necessary in order to either fulfill a query, or

[GraphQL] Use Arguments in a GraphQL Query

In GraphQL, every field and nested object is able to take in arguments of varying types in order to do common operations like fetching an object by it

[GraphQL] Write a GraphQL Schema in JavaScript

Writing out a GraphQL Schema in the common GraphQL Language can work for simple GraphQL Schemas, but as our application grows, or when we start using

[GraphQL] Serve a GraphQL Schema as Middleware in Express

If we have a GraphQL Schema expressed in terms of JavaScript, then we have a convenient package available to us that let’s us easily serve up ou

[GraphQL] Use GraphQL's List Type for Collections

In order to handle collections of items in a GraphQL Schema, GraphQL has a List Type. In this video, we’ll learn the syntax for specifying a Lis