[Angular] Show a loading indicator in Angular using *ngIf/else, the as keyword and the async pipe

The network may be unreliable and loading data may take time. Thus it is important to give the user some feedback about what's going on as fast as pos


1、Say you have an array for which the i th element is the price of a given stock on day  i .If you were only permitted t


转自:http://blog.chinaunix.net/uid-24264134-id-98061.htmlLinux设备驱动会以内核模块的方式出现,因此,内核模块也成了我们编写驱动的入门知识,这是一个最简单的linux内核模块"Hello World",首先来看一下hello.c中的代码:#in

Helvetic Coding Contest 2017 online mirror (teams allowed, unrated) J

DescriptionHeidi's friend Jenny is asking Heidi to deliver an important letter to one of their common friends. Since Jenny is Irish, Heidi thinks that

Helvetic Coding Contest 2017 online mirror (teams allowed, unrated) M

DescriptionThe marmots have prepared a very easy problem for this year's HC2 – this one. It involves numbers n, k and a sequence o

Helvetic Coding Contest 2017 online mirror (teams allowed, unrated) A

DescriptionYour search for Heidi is over – you finally found her at a library, dressed up as a human. In fact, she has spent so much time there that s

[React Native] Disable and Ignore Yellow Box Warnings in React Native

Yellow box warnings in react native can be intrusive. We will use console.disableYellowBox to disable the yellow box entirely. We'll also us

[RxJS] Replace zip with combineLatest when combining sources of data

This lesson will highlight the true purpose of the zip operator, and how uncommon its use cases are. In its place, we will learn how to use the combin

[React] Cleanly Map Over A Stateless Functional Component with a Higher Order Component

In this lesson we'll create a Higher Order Component (HOC) that takes care of the key property that React looks for when using map 


1,Orientation : 方向;定向;适应;情况介绍;向东方 orientation [,ɔ:rien'teiʃən; əu-]n.(对环境等的)适应;熟悉定位;定向;确定方向,定方针方位;方向[比喻]方向【心理学、精神分析】定位(力)环境判定;方向判断[主美国英语]迎新情